One-to-one meetings are the core feature of VapeNet.

You will have access to complete profiles of all guests one month prior to the event, allowing you to select the 20 Manufacturers or Distributors you are most interested in meeting. The requests of all parties are then fed into our networking platform technology, which generates the most effective and equitable combination of Manufacturer and Distributor requested meetings.

You will receive your tentative meeting schedule one week before to the event. Over the course of two working days, four meeting sessions take place at the Manufacturer's designated, numbered table. Each meeting lasts precisely 20 minutes, with a 5-minute break in between.

Your personal account manager will be available to assist you from the minute you purchase your ticket until the conclusion of the event.

Keep in mind that your meetings are only a part of the VapeNet experience. During the event, you will have many opportunities to interact with others. This is how genuine connections are made!

The welcome dinner formally sets off the first evening by bringing together all Manufacturers and Distributors, allowing them to put faces to names and renew connections.

Day 2 networking continues with conversations over coffee, lunch, and between meetings. As the second day's official business concludes, it is time to unwind and reconvene for a casual dinner.

On the third day, networking seems to flow effortlessly as you enjoy casual conversations and unplanned interactions throughout the day, and leads begin to emerge from unexpected places. As the last business day comes to a close, everyone reunites in the evening for the Farewell Dinner.

After two hectic days, it is time to unwind in the company of new partners, colleagues, and friends, and to confirm plans to meet after the event.
Specifications and photos of your products are a good starting point, but the Distributors need to touch, feel and try the product in order to become truly enthusiastic.

The Product Showcase allows Manufacturers to display their products on tabletop displays, adding an exhibition element to the event. It is set up in the meeting room for the duration of the event, with products easily accessible at all times. Participants who wish to try a vape product may do so in the adjacent outdoor area.

On Day One, all Distributors will visit the Showcase for one hour. This allows Manufacturers to introduce their products to Distributors without a scheduled appointment, while Distributors can view all products and obtain the necessary information.